Enhanced Voice Services

Be your own Carrier

Land Voice Termination

Gizat Global Communication welcomes you to use its international voice routes. Gizat only uses premium quality tier one routes and can offer its customers extremely competitive rates based on Gizat’s economies of scale model.

Gizat has entered into commercial partnerships with leading telecom carriers all over the world, and can offer full AZ termination routes to over 20,000 country codes worldwide.

Gizat can also provide voice routes for calling satellite networks, including as Inmarsat (+870X), Iridium (+8816-7X) and Thuraya (+88216X) which will enable you to offer Shore to Ship communication.  

Please contact us today to get our Voice termination service as well as unique rates.

Land Voice termination (AZ)
Enhanced Voice Services

Enhanced Voice Services

Gizat Global Communication offers you to become ‘your own carrier’ by letting you use our cloud based voice platform to view, monitor, control and manage all your voice users  and related  operations.

With Gizat’s enhanced voice service you can provide your customers with a full range of telephony services, both at sea as well as on Land.

Any voice service you used to buy from a third party can now be integrated and operated in-house by your own team, allowing you unparalleled business and flexibility providing you with an enormous competitive advantage.

Managing your own voice operations will substantial improve your efficiency and increase both your net margin and ability to provide enhanced value added services to you customers.

No Hardware nor Installation required. Please contact us today to set your live account.

Monitor & Control

Gizat Global Communication will provide you with all the tools and training needed to have a full control and visually of your voice traffic as well as your users.

Gizat’s on line tools provide a live and continuously updated  view of all current on-going traffic in real time, as well as a view of all historical traffic passing through our gateway.

You will have the ability to view, activate, deactivate and “top up” any one of the users associated with your account.

You can set your own rates, set your own rules as well as your own tailored alerts.

You will never miss a byte or a cent ever again.

Please contact us today for a full live demonstration.

Pre-Paid Platform

Pre-Paid Platform

Run your own Pre Paid operations through Gizat Global Communication cloud based platform.

Set your Own Pre Paid features and Pre Paid card attributes, define your own Pre Paid calls rules, and generate your own PINs number and vouchers.

Gizat VNO Pre Paid Platform works with all with any (satellite) network including Inmarsat Fleet Broadband, Fleet Xpress, global Xpress or any other satellite service provider, providing any VSAT services such as KVH,  EMC, Marlink etc.

Operating your own Pre Paid platform will provide you with maximum dynamic and flexibility, which will enable you to meet your customers’ needs and to provide them with maximum flexibility and the ability to tailor the services based on there on going ever changing needs and business environment.

Furthermore, having your own platform will substantially reduce your voice service cost, allowing you unparalleled business and flexibility providing you with an enormous competitive advantage.

No hardware or Installation is required.

Please contact us today to learn more how you can operate your own Pre Paid Platform.

Manageable Soft Phone Apps (Android, iOS)

In today’s world, the personal smartphone device is your main communication gateway to the world, containing all your personal and business information accounts you ever need to communicate the world.

Letting your customers keep their own private smartphones while using the commercial communication services you provide, would be the most logical thing to do.

Gizat propriety softphone Apps (iOS, Android) allow you to provide your customers with your communication services branded with your logo, while enabling them using their own private existing smartphones.

Gizat will provide you all the tools necessary, to view, monitor, control and manage all your customers’ accounts (softphone clients)

 Satellite communication has never been as personal as that.

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Manageable Soft Phone Apps (Android, iOS)

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