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Track your Assets

Gizat Global Communication can support your essential needs to monitor and track your assets.

Gizat’S Fleet tracking solution for ships at sea as well as for land based vehicles such as trucks / cars/trains can provide you with exact location in real time 24/7.

Gizat’s integrated solution for advance tracking includes a responsive web interface which can provide not only with locations, but also indicative information, such as fuel consumption or weather conditions.

Gizat’s responsive tracking platform enables you to manage notification of arrival or departure, set Geo fences and multiple other alerts as dictated by your needs.

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Ship Operational Email

Ships’ Email is considered one of the most important tool for an efficient and smooth ship operation.

The Vast majority of the ship logistics and administrative operation are managed through Emails. Any missed message or lack of control could cause a severe cost and operational implications.

Furthermore, as all of the data connectivity from / to the ship runs over satellite connectivity, there are numerous critical factors to be considered, monitored and fixed in case of a need.

Gizat Global Communication offers you to upgrade your fleet onto the most advanced Ships’ Email Solution existing today.

We can offer you complete control over your ships’ operational communication with a secured and highest QoS.

All the Email accounts can be viewed, monitored and controlled from the shore side by your IT administrator and all by using your own Email domain.

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Crew & Welfare

Crew have always been the most precious resource on the ship.

The extend time and resources required to recruit a crew, necessitates Ship Owners and management companies invest in retaining the crew.

In the last few years, providing to the  Crew an easy and affordable access to the outside world including enabling private communication, has evolved from a ‘nice to have’  to an essential factor in recruiting and retaining crews.

Crews today insist on having the easy access to call their family and friends, send and receive emails, text, as well as access social media such as, Facebook, Twitter, or simply browse the Internet.

Gizat Global Communication provides a wide array of solutions to support crew communications including phone calls, text messages, crew email, crew Internet Café and more.

All crew applications can be  on a  Pre-Paid basis and remove any hassle, like dealing with billing and accounting administration.

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